Why is my paw paw not fruiting

it has had loads of flowers and growing quite tall but its not fruiting


14 March 2012 05:44 AM

Hi Cammine,

Could it be that you have a male paw paw tree? Trees can either bear male flowers, female flowers or they can bear male and female flowers (referred to as bisexual or hermaphrodite). A bisexual plant would be suitable for the home garden in your area. Unfortunately it is not possible to tell male from female plants until they flower. Female flowers are large, fleshy and close to the trunk. Male flowers appear on the branched stalks. If the tree is producing only male flowers, you will need to plant some female trees as the male flowers will produce the pollen but the female plants are the ones that produce the fruit. Perhaps you could enquire from where you purchased the tree for further information.

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