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Why is my lemon tree in a pot losing leaves and not growing

we have dwarf lemon tree (? Meyer) in pot on small (windy!) courtyard garden on first floor. Had for almost 2 years now and continues to drop leaves and look sad. I think its likely combo of wind/nutrient (?nitrogen) deficiency) and maybe too small pot? As we enter spring the leaves are looking less yellow, but still dropping and I am unsure what to try to remedy first. I have tried seasol but not citrus feeder/dynamic lifter yet. Current pot in 40cm dm (plan about 1.6m currently) Tempted to repot with new rich potting mix/citrus feeder but worried the transplant may cause further stress. Whats the best order of attack at this time of year? Thank you for your help!!!

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Hi Sophie,

The lemon tree doesn't look well. Citrus require plenty of water particularly if the balcony is very hot and windy. How often do you water the pant? Check the soil moisture before and after you water and ensure the pot is draining well. Citrus do not like water logged soil. Keep using some seaweed solution such as Yates Uplift and, as the weather had now warmed up, apply some citrus food (keep to the label directions). Check the graft at the base of the plant and ensure it is healthy. Cut off any growth that is below the graft. Apply PestOil is you see any signs of citrus leaf miner. I have attached the link to the Yates Website Growing Citrus which may be helpful.



Answered: 21 Sep, 2012

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