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Why hasn't my 1 year old grafted mandarin tree grown any taller but has fruited full sized fruit

I bought this mandarin at the same time along with a few other citrus seedlings ( kaffir lime, lemon) All of them have grown double or triple the size and have fruited too. except for the mandarin which has not grown taller at all but has fruited 2 or 3 full sized fruits before. All of them receive the same treatment and are in half wine barrel positioned next to one another with the same potting mix, good citrus fertilizer once every 2 mths and seasoil forthnightly. I watered them once a week in winter and twice when weather is really hot. Do you know what I should do to boost the size of the tree, it just looks really sad now. I noticed that since the current weather has warmed a bit, the other trees are already producing new growth on leaves where as the mandarin doesn't seem to produce any. any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi Arie,

Mandarin trees are generally smaller in size than other citrus such as orange and lemon trees. Even so it would appear there may be a problem with the mandarin. Is the mandarin pot free draining? If the holes in the wine barrel have blocked up then the soil will becoming waterlogged and this will affect the growth of the plant. If you have a pH kit, test the soil in all three pots (approx 10 cm below the surface). Check if there are any curl grubs in the potting mix and remove by hand. As the tree is only 1 year old it may require another year before significant growth is achieved. It is really too young to produce fruit without affecting the health of the plant.



Answered: 31 Aug, 2012

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