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Why are the leave on my plum tree curling shut?

It is a Mariposa plum that I planted about 3 years ago. I don't think it is leaf curl as the leaves are not distorted at all just almost closed up but not discoloured.

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Dear Carol,

If you tree had Leaf Curl, which is a fungal disease, the leaves would appear puckered and much thicker than usual. They begin pale green but develop a deep pink or purplish colouration. Later, a white bloom appears on the surface and the leaves fall and die. It could be that the tree is suffering from watering stress, thus curling over its leaves to conserve energy. You may need to investigate to see if the roots are receiving enough water to sustain the health of the tree. Where rainfall has been to a minimum, trees will show signs of stress. You might like to use a soil wetter to begin with so that when it does rain, the water is able to be channelled through to the root system of the tree, where it is needed. Applying a good mulch around the base of the tree will also help to conserve moisture. Applications of seaweed solution, which is a tonic, will also help the tree to recover from a stressed situation. Keep an eye on the tree to see if any other symptoms start to appear. Email us and we will see if we can help further.



Answered: 5 Jan, 2019

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