Why are the figs on my tree appearing soft and ripe but then they are dry and inedible

Our location is on the South West Slopes of N.S.W. The whole small orchard is on a watering system.


06 January 2012 03:44 AM

Hi Richard,

What a shame your fruit is inedible. Figs are such a delicious fruit to eat and you have obviously put in a lot of effort into growing and maintaining your fig tree. It is difficult to know why the fruit is dry and inedible as normally figs will thrive on a minimum of fertiliser and very rarely show signs of deficiency. You could of course apply some Dynamic Lifter in spring and I am sure your tree would respond well. Moisture level can be an important factor. It is best to ensure that your tree receives ample water from spring until the fruits begin to ripen and resume after harvest to allow the tree to prepare for the next season's crop. This may have some bearing on the fact that the fruits on your tree were dry inside. There is an excellent book called The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia by Louis Glowinski. You could no doubt pick it up at a good book store and it is full of interesting information not only on fig trees but on all other types of fruiting trees. I hope the fruit improves on next seasons crop.

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