How can you sweeten bitter oranges

We recently moved to a new property, and were very excited to see heavily laden citrus trees. Unfortunately the oranges are completely inedible. We have picked them and composted them, but I'm wondering if there is anything we can do to sweeten next year's crop. (even the peel has a terrible, bitter smell, not much like oranges) This area is prone to frost. I'm not yet sure of the soil pH- would this make a difference? I live in Postmans Ridge, in the Darling Downs, QLD.


06 July 2012 07:32 AM

Hi Roslyn,

Do you know the variety of orange you have in your garden. It could well be a seville orange (bitter orange) that you have growing. I have attached a link for you to look at. This orange is particularly good when making marmalade but it is rather bitter to eat. If it isn't a seville orange, and is one of the sweeter varieties, perhaps you might like to in spring this year apply a fertiliser that is specifically formulated for citrus. This will give your tree the necessary nutrients it require to give you healthy sweet fruit. One fertiliser that we would recommend is called Yates Dynamic Lifter Plant Fertiliser. You can apply this fertiliser in spring and then again in autumn. Also, when the tree is flowering, ensure that you give the tree ample water particularly during the hot summer months.

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