How can I prune my mango tree and stop black spots on the fruit

I have a Kensington mango tree grown from seed. It gives fruit minimum weight 820g. How should I prune it for a better shape and what can I do about the skin turning black as the fruit ripens?


13 January 2019 09:19 PM

Dear Lynette,

If your tree is producing such large and healthy fruit, I am assuming your tree is over 5 years old and is quite established. This being the case, pruning to shape rather than a heavy prune would be the way to go. Mango trees can be pruned to contain the tree when they are young. This is best done by cutting back the main trunk at 1 M, allowing five to seven main limbs to grow and cutting these back to 0.5 m in the next year. Thereafter, leave the tree alone unless it becomes too dense or too tall, in which case cut out whole limbs rather than shorten branches. Mangoe trees can be attacked by a fungus called Anthracnose. This fungus causes black spots on leaves, flowers and fruit and can destroy the whole crop. The best way to control this disease is to spray with Yates Liquid Copper every 4 weeks from early flowering to fruit set, ensuring thorough coverage. Trust you will receive lots of delicious juicy fruit from your mango tree this year.

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