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Can you grow passionfruit in a pot?

I have a good vine growing in a big pot as I only have a terrace. It is well supported but it hasn't porduced any fruit yet. I fertilise regularly and have had a few flowers but they have not matured into anything and have fallen off. Any suggestions??

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Hi Caralynne,

You can certainly successfully grow a passionfruit in a pot on your terrace area. I am sure you have planted the vine into a large pot that will allow its roots to spread and grow happily. Be careful not to over-fertilise your vine. Use a fertiliser that is formulated to give the plant the necessary nutrients it need to produce growth as well as flowers. You will also need bees to cross-pollinate your passionfruit flowers before the fruit can form. In the absence of bees, you can hand pollinate by taking the pollen from one flower to another. This is best done in mid morning when the flowers are fully open. Keep your vine well watered particularly during the hot summer months ahead. Ensure that the vine is on a good structure to allow it to climb and support the foliage and fruit. Pruning is also an essential part in ensuring that the vine gives you plenty of fruit each season. Pruning is done in early spring. If you prune at this time, you can be assured that the vine will produce plenty of flowers on the new season's growth. I trust that your vine will be giving you lots of delicious fruit in no time.

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Answered: 10 Jan, 2012

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