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How can I care for my potted passionfruit that tipped over?

Recently and unfortunately, my potted passionfruit plant got toppled over by a strong wind... Of course things changed, the main stem was damaged severely!!!! :( It is a weak (toddler) plant that was about to grow well.... Please help me... if it is impossible for the poor plant to survive then please tell me a propagating technique that can increase the likeliness of me able to have another passionfruit plant without buying another one. I cant watch another second of it suffer so please answer me asap. Thank you!!! :)

Fruit and Citrus • Physical Damage

Hi Alex,

What a shame your passionfruit vine has toppled over. Looking at the photo,and the size of the leaves, it looks like it is a grafted species. If the graft has been damaged you will probably find that the plant will start to shoot below the graft. This is not a good thing as the foliage below the graft will take over and the scion above the graft will be weakened. This is the part that produces the flowers and fruit. In the end, it may be cheaper to buy another grafted passionfruit.



Answered: 11 Nov, 2012

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