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Why are the new passionfruit leaves curling up on the vine

It has had a yellow spots on the leaves over winter that I sprayed with White oil. However the new leave are deformed and are all curled. I would like to know what I can do? What my soil may be lacking? We have red soil.

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Hi Christy,

Passionfruit can be attacked by a number of pests, scale being one of them. Scale is a sap sucking insect which is evident on the leaves and stems of the vine. Spraining with PestOil will suffocate and kill this pest. Passionfruit can also be infected with a virus resulting in the leaves taking on a yellow, mottled appearance with the internodes being shortened. This virus is carried by aphids so inspect your vine regularly for this pest and again treat with the PestOil solution. Depending upon how badly the vine has been affected, sometimes it is better to pull out the vine and plant a new one in its place. If you decide to plant a new vine, keep it regularly watered, inspect for pests, and apply a good fertiliser such as Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Pelletised Plant Food. It's enriched with Dynamic Lifter and has added nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to give your fruiting plants the right balance of nutrients for their growing needs.



Answered: 23 Aug, 2013

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