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Why are my mango trees dying and bearing rotten fruit

mango trees problem

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Hi Abdullah,

A mango tree with rotting fruit does not sound promising. Mangoes can be affected by a disease called anthracnose. The black spots first appear on the leaves andthen move onto the young fruits. To control and prevent this fungus from occurring on the tree, the tree can be sprayed with Liquid Copper. You will need to spray every four weeks from the end of flowering to harvest. During extended periods of wet weather, spray every 14 days. Fruit fly is a serious pest of fruit trees. The eggs are laid within the fruit which then develop into maggots. These maggots can totally destroy the inner flesh of the fruit. This pest needs to be controlled early in the season to prevent ongoing generations from destroying developing fruits. Yates Fruit Fly Control will control thiews pest. This product needs to be applied as soon as the fruit fly is detected and sprayed onto the foliage every 7 days for good control. I don't know why some of your trees are dying. Perhaps you could give us a little more information about what condition they are in. Those trees that have not flowered, you may need to look at when and how often you should be fertilising your trees. Not every flower will produce a fruit and some flowers will fall especially during periods of unexpected rainfall. Those flowers that remain should produce viable fruit for you. There are some excellent books specifically written on how to grow tropical fruit. YOu might like to pick up one of these books from your local library. Good luck.



Answered: 14 Jan, 2014

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