Why are my lemon & passionfruit leaves turning yellow/white with lumps?

Just noticed over the last few weeks. Fruit on lemon tree is also showing white spots. Suspect pest but also some sort of nutrient deficiency.


01 May 2013 09:38 AM

Hi Susan,

There are a number of pests that can attack citrus as well as passionfruit vines. The new leaves on the citrus can be attacked by citrus leaf miner. This is a tiny moth that lays her eggs in the new foliage, producting white squiggly lines in the leaf and causing the leaf to curl over. Citrus can also become nitrogen deficient causing the leaves to go yellow in appearance. Passionfruit can be attacked by certain pest such as mites and the passionvine hopper. The leaves can also become infected with a fungus called Septoria spot. If you could email through a photo, this would give us a better idea of what the problem is likely to be. Thank you.

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