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Why are my figs turning brown and dropping of the tree but they are not ripe inside

Fig is growing in a pot, had little sun this year but a lot of rain. Occasional grub in some.

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Hi Keri,

It could be that your figs have been stung by fruit fly causing them to fall prematurely. If you have found some grubs inside the fruit, this is the larvae of the fruit fly. You will need to spray for this pest. A product we would recommend is called Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control. Fruit fly are always around at this time of the year so spraying should be done as soon as you detect that they are present in your area. You could also cover the fruit with some exclusion bags. You should be able to purchase these bags through your local nursery or at one of the large hardware stores. It is a good idea to pick up any fruit that has fallen on the ground and dispose of it to prevent any further infestation of this pest.



Answered: 7 Feb, 2012

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