When is it best to spray and stop Codling Moths

Re Codling moth When is it best to spray in order to protect against codling moth in apple trees?


03 August 2014 07:13 AM

Hi Chris,

Yates have a new product called Success Ultra. This product will control a wide range of caterpillars and also controls the larvae of the codling moth. It is important to start spraying in early spring during early flower bloom and early fruit set. Codling moth eggs hatch once temperatures are above 15 degrees C. Spray the entire tree every 7 - 14 days, as there can be several generations of codling moth each year. To help break the codling moth lifecycle, in addition to spraying, it is important to destroy any affected fruit. Also wrapping a wide band of corrugated cardboard around the trunk of the tree can trap the caterpillars as they travel down to the soil to pupate. Inspect the cardboard fortnighly and destroy any caterpillars or pupae. You will find the Success Ultra at your local nursery and at any of the large hardware stores.

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