What is eating the leaves of my Loquat tree?

Healthy tree has had almost all its leaves eaten(few lower leaves only left, for now). Looks like a skeleton and I fear it will not survive.Numerous searches in soil, on bark and under leaves during day and night show no culprits. Entire leaf eaten with exception of central vein.Tree has sentimental value so will try anything.Can we inject the tree, it's fairly large? As it puts out new growth, it too is eaten. Thank you for your help.


06 August 2012 12:48 AM

Hi Maureen,

It could be caterpillar damage, but the damage (from your description) is more likely to be cause by a grasshopper. Grasshoppers feed mainly on the foliage, chewing the edges of the leaves, leaving behind the central vein. Unfortunately, we don't have any product registered to control Grasshoppers. To stop your tree from being further attacked, it might be worthwhile covering it with a netting.

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