What can I spray my tropical peach tree with for peach weevil and fruit fly?

My tree is 2 years old and I had a huge crop this year, however, I had fruit fly maggots and peach weevils. Also small indentations in a lot of the fruit but no grubs inside that I could see. What can I spray the tree with next year and when do I start spraying. Thank you.


22 November 2012 05:26 AM

Hi Marie,

You will certainly need to spray for fruit fly now before the female fly has a chance to attack your peaches. We would suggest a Yates product called Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control. Spray your tree on a weekly basis when the tree is producing fruit. Hopefully those small indentations you have seen are not from the sting of the fruit fly. It is important to remove any fruit that has already been stung or any fruit that has fallen on the ground. I am not aware of the peach weevil. Is it a weevil or could it be a caterpillar of some kind that is doing the damage? If you could email a photo, we can follow up further.

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