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Large round holes in immature apple, no frass present

All the other fruit on the apple tree appear fine with no signs of damage. Some very minor insect damage on some leaves and 3 scale found (and removed) but relatively few insects found on and around tree other than a couple of lacewings and a long thin white flying insect. A small grey bug also found on the bird netting. No cocoons, webbing etc present and tree limbs smooth with very few hiding places. Any idea what the culprit is and how to treat the tree to prevent damage to other fruit?

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Hi Mel, 

Thank you for contacting Yates. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to identify the pest from the picture. If there is only few fruits got infested, best to prune and dispose of the damaged ones. 

To control caterpillar or codling moth damage for pome fruit, try 'Yates Success Ultra - Insect Control', this product contains spinetoram, the latest generation insecticide derived from beneficial soil bacteria. 
One of the many benefits of this product is, once sprayed on to the leaf and dried, it is absorbed, helping the product to become 'rainfast'. 
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Hope this helps and happy gardening :)



Answered: 9 Dec, 2020

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