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I have something biting into my Mandarins but no evidence of Fruit fly.

I am losing more ripe Madarins than I am harvesting. There is an entry point where the fruit seems to have been bitten and starts to rot. I assume fruit fly but havent trapped any to prove this. Wondering if there are other pests I should be trying to get rid of and how.

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

There are indeed some other pests that can pierce the skin and sadly affect our harvest; the Fruit piercing moth likely the most common culprit. Unfortunately, there's no chemical control measure available to manage these pests. Encouraging diversity in your garden to welcome parasitic wasps may have some help from a biological control perspective, and bagging/netting your fruits is very effective at creating a physical barrier for future harvests. 



Answered: 13 Jul, 2022

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