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How do I treat brownish spots on my lemon tree?

Some of the lemons of my tree show areas of brownish shades in the flesh.

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Dear Fernando,

It is a little difficult to see the problem from the photo you sent. I can see a small brown mark in a part of the lemon. There is a particular insect called a Spined Citrus Bug that can damage the fruit of a lemon. They do not feed on the leaves but do attack the fruit. They have a horm on each of the front corners of their heads which they sink into the skin of the fruit. They then suck the sap from the interior of the fruit causing dry patches inside. You can also notice gumming and browing inside the fruit. You will mostly notice these adults bugs in summer/autumn. To help with the eradication of this pest, it is important to look out for the eggs which are laid in spring. If seen they can be hand removed. The next stage is the nymph stage. The small bugs have markings of black orange, green and white on their backs. These can also be hand removed. Unfortunately there is no insecticide that is registered for spraying on fruiting citrus that will kill this pest.



Answered: 24 Jul, 2011

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