How do I get rid of mold & small round black spots on the trunk of my lemon tree?

lemon tree leaf has a lot of mold and the trunk has small rounded black spots like insects eggs


29 December 2011 03:13 AM

Hi Fa,

The lemon tree has been attacked by scale which will affect the health of the plant. These insects suck the sap from the plant and excrete a sugary substance. The Sooty Mould grows on the sugary substance and sometimes you will find ants on the plant as well. Apply some PestOil onto the tree ensuring the scale are well covered. You may need a second application in 7-10 days. Fertilise the lemon with some Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Pelletised Plant Food. It's enriched with Dynamic Lifter and has added nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to give your fruiting plants the right balance of nutrients for their growing needs.

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