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How do I control snails that are eating my orange tree leaves?

my orange tree leaves are being eaten by snails,can you please sugest a spray i could use.

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Hi Gary,

If there are slimy trails left behind on the foliage then it would be snails that are doing the damage. Yates does not have a spray that will control snails. There are pellets that are available, but they would not be practical for your citrus. There is a citrus butterfly, the larvae of which can chew holes in the leaves of citrus trees. Usually larvae doesn't do a lot of damage, and as the butterfly is an important pollinator, we do not tend to do anything to harm it. It may be a matter of hand picking off the snails and getting control in this manner.



Answered: 23 Nov, 2012

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