Can you please give me some tips on grapevine maintenance

i have a grapevine (non grapeing variety) that hangs over a pergola it was planted in 1998 the branches have gone black which means when it rains i get all this black stuff on the outdoor furniture and on the deck it is also raining sticky stuff when means all this black stuff goes sticky i love my grapevine as it provides shade and coolness in the summer and in the winter sun and warmth what can i do to fix this big mess


20 April 2019 12:03 AM

It appears your grapevine is affected by some sap sucking insect, most likely scale. Scale exudes a sticky substance or honeydew which is very appealing to black Sooty Mould fungus. To be rid of the fungus, the insect, hence honeydew, has to be controlled.It is pointless spraying at this moment as your grapevine will lose its leaves very soon. Wait until it is dormant(totally deciduous)spraying thoroughly with lime sulphur.

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