Can I eat my oranges if they've got citrus rust mite?

I just read your story on rust mites on citrus. I mowed over my oranges when I first moved in as they looked horrid but after sampling, found them absolutely beautiful. However after reading your story on this exact problem I am very apprehensive about continuing to eat. Are they dangerous or harmful as is or do they need a treatment. Thank you.


06 February 2012 11:06 PM

Hi Cathy,

There will be no problem with you eating the oranges you have picked. Even though the rind of the fruit may not look all that appetising, the flesh itself will still be sweet and juicy. The mites infest the young green fruit from early spring. The brown citrus mite is usually found on the side of the fruit facing the exterior of the tree while the citrus rust mite prefers the side of the fruit facing the interior of the tree. To control this mite, Lime Sulfur can be applied as a summer spray at the rate of 25mls per 1 litre of water. It can also be applied in winter. There is no withholding period with this product. Yates Nature's Way Vegie & Herb Spray Concentrate can also be used to control this pest. Again there is no withholding period with this product. If you spray early in the season then you will fine that you will control this pest and the rind of the fruit will stay unblemished.

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