How do you get rid of ants on mandarin trees?

Hi, I have a mandarin tree which would be about 5 years old. The tree was actually removed from its old house about 6months ago as it was not thriving just surviving. Since transplanting it is thriving and growing well but I can't get rid of the little ants that are all over the entire tree including the root section. I tried using white oil which appeared to get rid of them from the leaves but not the root/soil area and they are back again. None of my other fruit trees have them. Why does it have them and how do I get rid of them for good without hurting the tree? Thanks very much. Jenny


25 September 2012 09:30 PM

Hi Jenny,

There may be an ant nest in the root ball of the mandarin tree. Do you find there are less ants if you water heavily? Ants will be attracted up the tree if there are any scale or aphids present as these insects secrete a sugary substance when they pierce and suck the leaves and stems. The ants love the sugary liquid and will come up the tree to feed. To remove the scale and aphids apply PestOil onto the leaves and branches of the tree. You may need to spray more than once (10-14 days apart) if the problem persists. Apply some seaweed booster like Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate. It's a organically certified fertiliser, which contains seaweed, blood&bone and fish meal to help developing new roots and restoring healthy growth.

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