Will planting ground covers under citrus trees interfere with the health of the trees' surface roots

I have read that ground covers act like mulch in helping with soil moisture retention.


08 February 2012 12:13 AM

Hi Warren,

You are quite right, ground covers can help to retain the moisture in the soil, but in this case, being citrus trees, it would be best to place a mulch such as lucerne hay or sugar cane mulch around the base of the tree. You don't want the citrus trees competing for nutrients and even though ground covers are small plants, they too, will take up the nutrients that the trees would otherwise have available to them. It will make it a lot easier also when fertilising as you will want to apply your fertiliser around the drip line of the tree. You can simply push back the mulch, apply the fertiliser and put the mulch back in place. I do hope your citrus trees do well and produce lots of delicious fruit for you to pick.

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