Why have the leaves of my hawaiian guava wilted after transplant?

Hi, I transplanted my hawaiian guava yesterday from a small pot to my backyard. When I woke up this morning, all the leaves and the top branches are wilted. The hole quite big, looks like a big pot size. I used gypsum on base then mixed with 5 x 25L garden soil and mixed with 2 x 25L compost, used 140gr yates dynamic lifter mixed on the top of the soil, and watered about 10L water. When I took this picture, it looks a bit better after i watered it and add 9L seaweed extract. What happened with my guava tree? Not enough water after I did transplant or because i used too much dynamic lifter?


03 January 2013 02:14 AM

Hi Ferry,

I don't think you have too much to worry about. When plants are taken out of a pot and transplanted into the ground, they quite often go into transplant shock for a short period of time. You have obviously dug a large hole as you have used quite a lot of garden soil and compost. As long as you have mixed the compost through the soil, it should have no adverse affect on the newly exposed roots of the plant. Dynamic Lifer is a slow release fertiliser so it also, would be beneficial to the plant. We would suggest you continue to use the seaweed solution on a two weekly basis until the roots have become established. I am sure your guava will soon settle in and continue to grow strongly.

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