Why has my potted dwarf 'lots of lemons' lots all its leaves and flowers

I bought it around May this year. It looked healthy all through winter and once it flowered all the leaves and buds fell off. Apart from some new growth which looks like it's struggling to grow the tree is a bunch of stalks. Can you please help. Thanks Sue


09 November 2018 03:55 AM

Dear Sue,

As long as the stems on your lemon tree are still green, then I am sure it will recover. Check to see if the pot in which your tree is growing is well drained and the roots are not saturated. Don't allow the pot to sit in a saucer of water. Make sure that your tree received at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Don't be tempted to fertilise your tree at this stage. Regular applications of Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate solution would be beneficial for the plant. If you notice any dieback, trim back to the green wood to enable the plant to produce new shoots. When the tree's health starts to improve and you see new growth, then you can apply Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food.

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