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Why does my peach tree have yellow leaves with green veins and the leaves keep falling off.

There are three trees, but one has looked sick since the day I moved in. The other two have abundant healthy leaves, but all three drop their slimy rotted fruit when they reach about golf ball size. The two healthy trees still have leaves now (mid May, Mandurah) but the other one is already naked, as the sick leaves can't withstand the strong winds here.

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Hi Robyn,

From you description, your peach trees appear to have several problems which hopefully can be rectified with a little attention. Leaves yellowing with green veins indicates the tree is suffering with an iron deficiency. To start with, it would be helpful to know the pH of your soil. Fruit trees need a pH of between 6 - 7. The tree also needs to have good drainage and be planted in a sunny protected spot in your garden. You can find out the pH of your soil by taking a sample of your soil to your local nursery. If you pH is too high,the element iron will be locked in and become unavailable to the plant. You can alter the pH by adding to the soil a product called Acitone - contains sulfur and iron. This product will lower the pH and the iron will become available. Now that your trees are going into their dormant stage, once the leaves have fallen, the trees can be sprayed in winter with Lime Sulfur. The Lime Sulfur will clean up any disease or pests that tend to over-winter on the tree. Once the buds start to swell, spray your trees with Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray This will prevent the fungus leaf curl from infecting tree. Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray will also give protection against the fungus brown rot which can infect the blossoms and then the maturing fruit. Fruit trees need to be fed with a good quality fertiliser in spring and again in autumn. We would recommend feeding the tree every 6-8 weeks with Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Pelletised Plant Food. It's enriched with Dynamic Lifter and has added nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to give your fruiting plants the right balance of nutrients for their growing needs. I am sure with all this attention, your trees will stay healthy and produce lots of sweet delicious peaches for you.



Answered: 16 May, 2013

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