Why are my rockmelons not setting fruit & my carrots are rotting?

Have some rockies setting fruit in a different position but those not fruiting am having trouble keeping well watered and have gone limp several times. Most carrots are fine but have had a few that are either completely or partially rotten starting at the bottom .


28 January 2019 09:38 AM

Dear Peter,

It sounds like your rockmelon plants are not being successfully pollinated. You may need to hand pollinate by transferring the pollen from the male flower to the female flower enabling the plant to set fruit. Bees would normally do this job for you but sometimes the bees may be absent when the female flower is receptive to the pollen. Best time to hand pollinate is late morning. For best results and increased pollination, it is advisable to have several vines growing. Carrots rotting in the ground sounds as though the soil is too wet. You should be able to improve the drainage by aerating the soil and careful timing of watering.

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