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Why are my flowering passionfruit not producing fruit?

I have two passion fruit vines both black varieties,both flower in mass but set no fruit.I polinate flowers by using small paint brush to transfer pollen to other flowers but still no fruit.I use fruit & citrus fertilisers ,use bore water every other night to water.Both are grafted vines.

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Dear Joe,

I can appreciate how frustrating it is to have 2 healthy passionfruit vines, full of flowers and yet not setting fruit. You certainly have done all the right things by ensuring the vines are well fertilised, and even to the point of resorting to hand pollination - still no luck. Perhaps this coming spring, you could prune back your vines by 1/3 getting rid of the old growth, leaving the major runners and laterals on your trellis. By opening up the vine, this will improve air circulation thus allowing new growth to appear on which the flowers and fruit will appear. Early spring is the time to fertilise with a fertiliser that has been formulated to encourage growth and fruiting. e.g. Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Fruit & Citrus. This fertiliser can be applied again in late summer/autumn. Fertilising frequently will encourage lots of foliage at the expense of the flowers so be careful only to fertilise in early spring and again in late summer/autumn. Too much fertiliser too often can cause flowers to drop. The fruit should appear during the summer months. Water your vines well during fruit production and apply a mulch around the root sytem to conserve the moisture in the soil. During the hot summer days, your vines may require extra waterings. Hope this information is useful and I am sure this summer your vines will give you lots of delicious fruits.



Answered: 5 May, 2019

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