What is the ideal size of twig to use to graft a blood orange to a grapefruit

I am trying to graft a blood orange to a grapefruit. What is the ideal size of twig to use? Would putting honey on the joint prevent disease or harm the grafting process?


02 May 2012 11:55 PM

Hi Mel,

One method to use is shield budding. Spring or early Autumn is the best time for budding. To prepare the stock, make a T-shaped cut in the bark on one or two year old wood. Cut the bud from a pencil-thick shoot of the scion. Use a sharp knife to slice an oval shaped piece of bark and wood with the bud in the centre. Place the shield into the T-shaped cut closing the bark flaps over the edges. Use budding tape to tie the shield firmly to the stock along its full length. Take care not to cover the bud. After 3 weeks cut the tape away. If budded in Spring, cut off the stock above the bud when the binding is cut. It may be best to purchase the new Yates Garden Guide which has an excellent section of grafting. The technique is also illustrated in a series of diagrams.

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