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What are you tips to repot cumquats

this Nagami cumquat is about 25 years old and hasn't been repotted in a long time. When is the best time of the year to repot. Please give advice on how I should prune this lovely fruiting tree as I would like to extend its life if possible

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Dear Marzia,

Your cumquat tree would have lots of flowers and possibly small fruit on it at the moment, so now is not the time to repot. It is best to wait until the tree has finished fruiting and you have harvested the fruit. Before transplanting, prune out any old dead wood and any branches that are criss-crossing so as to open up the canopy of the tree. This will provide better air circulation and improve the growth of the tree. At this point in time you can spray the foliage of your cumquat with a product called Yates Waterwise DroughtShield, This product forms a protective thin polymer film on the leaf reducing transpiration for 60-90 days which reduces transplant shock. Transplant your tree into a pot that is one size larger than the pot it is in. If the tree is really large you may need to repot it into a size that is a few sizes larger and one that will accommodate the root ball. After gently taking the tree out of the pot examine the roots and if heavily root bound, lift out the roots from the sides of the root ball. Select a good quality potting mix for the new pot. Gently place the tree into the new potting mix and backfill firmly around the root ball. Water in with some half strength Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate which enhances recovery in stress conditions such as transplanting. Make sure the pot is in a sunny spot protected from strong winds and water on a regular basis. Do hope your cumquat does well in its new pot and produces lots of fruit for you.



Answered: 3 Jan, 2019

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