Should I trim the dead branches on my lots of lemon tree?

I have some dead branches on my lots of lemon tree. it is about 4 ft high, should i trim them and should i trim the tree in future.


05 March 2019 04:28 AM

Dear Lenore,

You can certainly prune off the dead branches on your lemon tree at this point. Prune back to where the wood is green with a nice clean cut. If there is any other die back on the tree, best to prune that off as well. Lots of Lemon is a nice compact shrub and will only require a light pruning after the tree has finished fruiting. Now is the time to feed your lemon tree and one that we would recommend is called Dynamic Lifter for Fruit & Citrus. This product is an organic based plant food that will supply the necessary nutrients to produce good strong growth and lots of juicy fruit. Enjoy picking your lemons.

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