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My blueberries start blooming in May(Melbourne), do I need to remove the flowers?

I got two blueberry tress, and they both blooming now, one tree got a lot of flowers and the other has little, do I need to remove all of them? Will they bloom again in spring if I remove them now?

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Hello Cynthia, there are lots of early blooming varieties, and it's likely your plant has just taken its cues a *tad* earlier than it should! There's not a lot you can do, other than as you have suggested, pick out the flowers now (as the plant may go to fruit, but if it's super cold they won't amount to much). When it does come to spring time, and the new flowers are on their way, give you plant a weekly feed with 

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If you need a few more tips on getting the best out of your Blueberries, we've got some more detail here on our website:



Answered: 10 May, 2022

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