Is it ok if we have a Stella Cherry tree in a large tub but we don't live in an area that is chilly

Have seen your program some time ago when one of your presenters said that you could put blocks of ice at the base of the tree. Need to know when and for how long? Thank you


18 November 2012 01:16 AM

Hi Marian,

Cherries prefer a cool temperate climate that is relatively free from rain during the fruiting season. 'Stella' is an excellent choice for the home garden as it is self fertile, does not grow particularly large and produces an abundance of fruit. I am not sure if it is necessary to put blocks of ice around the base of your potted cherry tree. You might like to contact Flemings Nurseries in Victoria who grow an extensive range of fruit trees which are distributed to nurseries all over Australia. You might like to contact them for further information.

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