How do you grow Valencia Orange Trees?

Tree has been around 75cm in height and has not changed since it was planted around 2 years ago. Everything on the tree looks healthy, with no visible damage to leaves or trunk. Have applied Yates Citrus slow release/instant booster over last 2 years as well.


22 September 2019 11:43 PM

Dear Evan,

Your orange tree should have put on some growth in the past two years particularly if you have been feeding it and generally looking after it. It does take time for the tree to develop a good strong root system, but there does appear to be a problem if it hasn't grown at all. Could where you have planted the tree have a heavy clay base? Did you improve the soil by incorporating organic matter into the soil before planting? It does make it difficult for the roots of the tree to penetrate if the soil is compacted and not open. The fact that it looks healthy is a good sign but eventually you may have to move your tree to a spot where you have good friable soil, good drainage and a sunny spot.

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