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How do you care for Guava tree that produces too much fruit?

We inherited these when we moved last June and the fruit was rotting on the ground. Worried about fruit fly, pruning and have no use for the thousands of fruit. Lovely shaped trees but too tall. They are starting to flower now. I think they are either Indian or mediterranean guavas. Thanks, Chris

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Hi Chris,

Your tree sounds very healthy as it appears to be flowering profusely and producing an abundance of fruit. Fruit rotting on the ground is a problem as it does indicate that the fruit may have already been strung by fruit fly. Firstly, to prevent further generations of this pest appearing, you will really need to pick up all that fruit, put it is a plastic bag and dispose of it in the bin. If you do not want the tree to produce fruit, you will have to prune the tree when it comes into flower. It will not harm the tree to be pruned at this time. If you decide to keep the tree and restrict the amount of fruit it produces, you will still need to use a product to protect it from being stung by fruit fly. The product we would suggest you use is called Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control. This product needs to be applied early in the season when fruit fly are first detected. It is a beautiful tree to have in your garden and once you have given it this initial prune, you will need to do this every year when it comes into flower.



Answered: 28 Dec, 2012

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