How do I care for my pomegranite tree that has been almost stripped of leaves by a possum

Should I cut it back or leave it? There is still some leaf growth left but not much. I have installed some possum barriers and hope they work. Just wish Council would do something about the possum plague in our suburb. It doesn't make living sustainably easy when they eat the passion fruit, the seedlings, and some of the herbs.


08 May 2016 03:15 AM

Hello Duncan,

Thank you for contacting Yates with your enquiry. I would recommend leaving the pruning until the coolest time of year in your area, as cutting back now may stimulate new growth too early in the year and also while the possums remain active in your garden. Yates has a wonderful new product available - Yates Possum Repellent Spray helps protect your precious plants by deterring possums from browsing on sprayed plants.
Contains a special combination of ingredients that help reduce possums browsing on plants.
Lasts for up to 7 days or more with regular re-treatment.
Can be used on ornamental and edible plants and has only a 1 day withholding period.
The formulation was developed by Professor Lynne Selwood and is protected by a patent granted to the University of Melbourne.
Feed with some Yates Thrive Citrus & Fruit Natural Fish & Seaweed+ Concentrate from early Spring for best results. Kind regards, Matt Yates Consumer Advice Horticulturalist

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