How can I help my potted Australia Cumquat and Calamondin grow better?

I have two pots with Australia Cumquat or Calamondin.. due to the postion of our balcony, my plants are not receiving enough sunlight. what can I do to help them grow? they are ina container with soil mix, cow manure and slow release fertiliser..


01 April 2015 06:36 AM

Shady areas are a problem for many gardeners. Unfortunately the only solution to not enough sunlight is to get more sunlight. There are some techniques you can use to increase the sunlight your plants receive. You can include mirrors or white coloured features on your balcony and direct the reflected light towards your trees. This will increase the amount of light they receive and hopefully help them grow. This reflected light is not as high quality as direct sunlight but it can help them. If your trees continue to struggle in that area you may need to replace them with a more shade tolerant plant.

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