Why is my passionfruit fruit pithy and contains no juice?

I planted the vine in Autumn last year. It grew profusely and had plenty of flowers which turned into fruit this year.However on cutting a ripe fruit open,it was lined with a thick layer of white pith and the seeds all dry and under-developed with no juice.I fertilised it with Dynamic Lifter.What have I done or not done to cause this?


19 July 2012 11:48 PM

Hi Audrey,

How disappointing to see your vine growing profusely only to produce fruit that is not edible. What you have described is called 'Woodiness of passionfruit'. This is a viral disease that has been carried principally by aphids. As you have mention. when you cut through the fruit, you will notice a thick rind and a small pulp cavity. All you can really do is to keep your vine healthy by making sure it receives plenty of sunshine, fertilise and water on a regular basis. In spring, when the vine is flowering, you may need to spray with a Yates Pyrethrum Insect Pest Killer Concentrate spray to control any aphids that may be present. Good luck for next season.

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