Why does my Kaffir Lime tree have mould on the leaves

we have a kaffir lime tree, which has a black mould on the leaves, how do we treat this?


08 September 2012 11:24 PM

Hi Kylie,

The black mould is called Sooty Mould and occurs after an insect such as a scale, aphid or mealy bug pierces the plant. The insect excretes a sugary substance on which the mould grows. Once the insect is removed then the mould will be reduced. Try to identify the pest ie aphid or scale and spray PestOil . This works by suffocating the insect and you may need to apply more than one spray. PestOil only has a 1 day withholding period ie fruit and leaves can be picked and eaten one day after spraying. Wash off the oil from the leaves prior to using.

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