Why do my lemons have large lumps over the skin?

my lemon has produced huge fruit with a 20mm pith and large lumps all over the skin. They are still juicy etc.


06 October 2011 08:04 AM

Dear Graham,

From your description it does sound like your lemons have lemon scab. It is a fungal disease that produces wart-like outgrowths and scabby areas on the fruit. The leaves and stems can also be affected. This disease can cause fruit fall and the fruit that remains is usally very large as the tree has directed all its energy in making them larger than they usually would have been. The interior fruit is undamaged and can be eaten. At this stage of the disease, prune off infected twigs and leaves. As a preventative, the tree can be sprayed with a mixture of Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray and Yates White Oil (rate 7 g copper + 5 mls. Apply at 50 - 80% petal fall and again after 6-12 weeks if necessary. Hopefully next year you won't have this problem.

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