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Why are the leaves on my lemon tree going brown and falling off?

Some fruits falling off prematured, inside is like half rotten. Some part of the tree fell all of the leaves

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Hi Robert,

You have on your lemon tree what is called brown rot. This is a soil inhabiting fungi and when it rains, or when you water, the spores will splash up onto the lower foliage of the plant. This disease is common in autumn but it can occur in some areas for much of the year. As you have noticed,both the leaves and the fruit are affected. The fruit develops a yellow/brown rot which has a rather unpleasant smell and the leaves develop grown marks which eventually fall to the ground. You can take preventative measures by pruning the lower branches at least 300 mm above the soil level so the fruit doesn't hang down and become infected. Mulching around the tree will also help. Preventative spraying can also be done before the onset of autumn rains. If prolonged wet weather period occurs, apply a second spray during the first period of fine weather. The product that is registered to control this fungal problem is Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray . Hopefully not all of your fruit has been affected at this stage and you are able to salvage some fruit.



Answered: 7 Feb, 2014

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