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Why are the leaves on my apricot tree limp and falling off

Came home from 3 weeks away. Tree was cared for and watered. Came home to find tree in different stages of severe decline. Some branches seem OK. Other have leaves going limp, others with dry light brown leaves, some branches bare. Some branches with brown gum/sap coming out. Fruit seems to be losing moisture, falling off. 2nd tree and later variety starting same way. Small holes in many leaves. I did not prune the trees this year. Tree about 6 years old and good health until now.

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Your apricot tree does have a disease which is called 'gummosis��? or 'dead arm disease��? resulting in excessive gumming with wilting and dieback. This disease usually gains entry via pruning cuts. To control this disease you will need to prune off the infected branches. Make sure you make a good clean cut when pruning and cut off the infected branches close to the trunk. To help your tree to recover, it will need regular watering and a mulch around the tree to keep that moisture in the soil. Applications of the product Uplift Organic Plant Starter & Root Booster will help your tree to recover during this period of stress. Apricots can also become infected with a fungus called 'shot hole'. Symptoms first appear on the leaves showing up as small brown spots. Eventually the centre falls out producing holes. To protect the tree from this fungus, spray at budswell and then again at leaf fall with a copper spray - Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide.



Answered: 28 Oct, 2013

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