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Why are the leaves on my apple tree going yellow

I have a apple tree (about 40 years old approx. according to the landlord) and I have noticed over the last couple of seasons the leaves have become varigated. Why? Could it be the age of the tree or is some disease or pest creating the change of colour. If it is a pest or disease, how can I fix this? Cheers, Kerrie :)

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Hi Kerrie,

Thank you for sending the photo. This disease is what is called Mosaic Apple Virus. This virus is normally spread by a sap sucking insect e.g. aphid/thrip. It is always advisable to purchase grafted stock that has been virus-tested but in your case, the tree is 30 years old and it has been performing well up to this point, so I don't think this disease has been transmitted through the graft. It would be best to monitor the tree for any pest attack and eliminate such pest when they appear. I have attached a link for you to look at.



Answered: 14 Nov, 2013

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