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Why are my fig leaves patchy and yellow?

Hi, The leaves on our young Black Genoa fig tree come out in yellow patches. This affects only older leaves, the young ones are uniformly green at first. The tree grows in the ground, in full sun and is well watered. We've tried fertilising, but it made little difference. It fruits OK for its tender age (2 years), but we're worried that it might have caught some disease or is lacking something. Regards Chris

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

It looks like Fig Mosaic. This is caused by a virus which affects the leaf pigments and causes the mottled pattern on the leaf. If you got this fig from a nursery this is unlikely as long as they should use certified disease free stock for their production. It could also be a fungal disease as the round patterns are also consistent with fungal infections. For the time being remove the leaves once they fall off and dispose of them off site (do not compost them). This should reduce the spread of the fungal disease. Feeding the tree with Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Liquid Plant Food will improve immunity and boost growth.



Answered: 24 Mar, 2015

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