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Why are my broccoli and cauliflower going to seed?

My broccoli and cauliflower keep going to seed. What am i doing wrong?

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Hi Cayley,

Thank you for contacting us regarding growing broccoli and cauliflowers. Both of the vegetables are cool season plants and if the temperature is too high, the plant wouldn't feel comfortable to grow and will switch to survival mode and rush to flowering and seeding. I would suggest sow a bit later than the suggested sowing time due to the warmer autumn we have so far and feed with Yates Thrive Veggie & Herb Natural Fish Blood & Bone and Concentrate the dual acting formula feed through both leaves and roots to boost healthy grown and yield of veggies and herbs. Hope this helps and happy gardening. Best Regards, Louise Yates Horticulturalist



Answered: 28 May, 2016

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