What is causing rust spots on my healthy apricot tree

the fruit is normally disease or pest free . this year the fruit is covered in brown rough surface


14 December 2011 04:54 AM

Hi Abe,

There are a couple of fungal problems that can affect apricots, those being Freckle and Shot Hole. Freckle is a fungal disease which presents itself as spots on the fruit which start out being pale green or cream developing a dark centre later on. The spores which are produced on the twigs can be washed onto the fruit. If the infection has not affected the fruit too severely, you will be able to harvest the fruit. To prevent this fungal problem from developing, it is necessary to spray the tree with Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide at early bud swell with another spray post harvest. Shot Hole - the first symptoms are noticed on the leaves. Small brown spots with reddish edges will appear. The centre then falls out producing holes in the leaves. You will also notice raised brown scabs on the fruit. Spraying with Yates will also control this fungal problem.

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