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My lemon tree is dying back, should I cut back the branches

problem with die back on my lemon tree what do I do apart from cutting back the die back branches?

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Dear Edith,

It is likely there is a reason why your lemon tree's branches are dying back. Citrus trees can suffer with phytophthora, root rot and other soil borne diseases. Citrus needs to be a full sun position with good drainage. Perhaps you could check on the drainage and make sure the water is draining freely and the soil is not saturated. You will certainly need to cut back those dead branches to where the wood is green thus enabling it to shoot again with new foliage. To improve the overall health of your citrus, regular applications of Yates Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate will strengthen and stimulate root growth. When the tree shows signs of recovery, apply a citrus fertiliser such as Yates Thrive Citrus and Fruit Natural Pelletised Plant Food to maintain that health.



Answered: 9 Aug, 2019

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