How to kill ivy by spraying ? Are there any Yates products apart from glyphosate to kill ivy please ?


22 November 2021 10:25 AM

Ivy is a tough weed to control.  Reducing the size of the plant as much as possible will reduce the amount of weed killer needing to be applied.  
Try 'Yates Zero Naturals Weed & Moss Killer'. A natural alternative to traditional weed control, Yates Zero Naturals uses natural ingredients to kill weeds fast.  Visible results on some weed species may be seen after 1 hour. Uses Natural Clove Oil & Acetic Acid. Click here for more info on this product:
Shake the bottle well prior to use.  For best results, apply on a warm, sunny day to young plants with dry foliage. Do not remove treated weeds until completely died off. Do not apply in windy conditions. 
Results may take longer on certain tough, mature weeds or weeds in deep shade.
As this is a natural product, repeat applications may be necessary on mature weeds.

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